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Mulch Sales Report

Troop 1128 Mulch Sales
March 18, 2017


We want to thank all the scouts, parents and scouters that participated in our mulch delivery day. We had great Troop 1128 weather since it rained before and after but not during our deliveries.

We sold over 8,500 bags of mulch!


This fundraising money will be used to support our program, outings, and equipment needs.

Additionally, we would like to express a special thanks to our dispatchers, hospitality crews, truck drivers, master folk lift driver and freshly-trained folk lift drivers, truck and folk lift coordinator, and 20+ additional parents and ASMs who drove the chase cars or rode with the truck drivers to help deliver the mulch. Finally, to all the other parents, ASMs and 60+ SCOUTS who help loading and unloading mulch bags; some stayed for 9+ hours!

Troop 1128 families rock!


March 2017 Trip Report

Troop 1128 2017 Orienteering and Outdoor Ethics Campout
Prince William Forest Park
Triangle, Virginia
March 11-12, 2017



An intrepid group of Troop 1128 Scouts and Scouters met at Andrew Chapel on Saturday morning with temperatures in the mid-twenties and set out for Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, Virginia.


Upon arrival at the park, Assistant Scoutmaster Palk taught map reading and compass orienteering skills to the Scouts, who then measured their pacing and headed-out onto three of Prince William Forest Park’s 30 orienteering courses.

After several hours of taking bearings, counting paces and interpreting topography, all Scouts and adults emerged from the woods relatively unscathed.

Fire-Starting Competition:

Following orienteering, everyone ate lunch, set up camp and prepared for the patrol fire-starting competition. To minimize the fire impact, patrols were paired-up into three teams: Arctic Bison, Bob White Sharks and Zeus Vikings, given wood, two matches and 10 minutes to gather starter kindling. The first fire to burn through a string 24 inches off the ground would be crowned the winner. When the smoke cleared the Arctic Bison prevailed, followed by the Bob White, Sharks and then the Zeus Vikings.

Outdoor Ethics Conservation Project:

Scouts lost an hour of sleep to day-light- savings, earned Snow Flakes on a cold night in the mid-twenties after many hours telling stories around the campfire, and still managed to be up and ready to for Ranger Kerri’s conservation project at 9:00 am. Two hours and many wheelbarrows of mulch later, the Scouts had restored a trail and amphitheater and readied both for the new season.

Weekend Summary:

28 Scouts, 11 adults, 52 conservation service hours, 27 Snow Flakes and tons of fun!



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