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Troop 1128 Scouts earn service hours at Arlington National Cemetery


On 16 December, several scouts ventured to Arlington National Cemetery to participate in Wreaths Across America.  The National Wreaths Across America organization has a mission to Remember, Honor and Teach by coordinating wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as over 1,200 additional locations in all 50 U.S. states, at sea, and abroad.

There are near 250,000 graves at ANC and it takes 1000’s of volunteers to lay wreaths on those graves.   Last year, 1128’s plans were cancelled due to a freak ice storm making travel dangerous.  This year, the weather was bright and sunny albeit chilly.   The sun and reason for participating combined to warm everyone up more than necessary.  

Wreaths were placed on several relative and friends’ graves: Kyle Porter’s Grandfather (served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam – Combat Infantry Badge) and Eric Anderson’s Great Uncle (Bronze Star – Vietnam) and family friends (Husband – Purple Heart – Pentagon Sept 11th / Wife – 2 years later of breast cancer).

Many other veterans graves were visited and after laying the wreath – their names were said out loud and were thanked for their service and sacrifices.   Of those the troop placed wreaths on were two WWII veterans.  Both were born in 1919, survived numerous missions and died in 2014.  One was US Army LTC -Third Army, landed at Omaha beach, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, marched into a defeated Germany and was awarded two Bronze Stars and field promoted to 1st LT during the battle of Metz, France.   The other was US Army Air Force – COL, a bomber pilot in B-24 Liberators and B-17 Flying Fortresses , participated in the Berlin Airlift in 1948 and had commands in post-war Europe, Alaska and Korea during a 30 year career.  


Nov 2017 Sandy Spring Rope Course

The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School
November 18-19, 2017
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Troop 1128 takes to the Trees at Sandy Springs
For the November campout, 1128 returned to Sandy Springs Adventure Park.  Last year after a great day of climbing, the weather dropped 20+ degrees and provided an opportunity for many scouts to earn their Snowflake award or rocker.   As the 2017 version approached, the weather looked to be wet but that did not deter 1128 from attending.   The morning arrived with some chill in the air but with temps warming as the day went on.  Rain was forecasted for the overnite vs during the day, which changed the worry from will I slip on a rope course to will my tent become a swimming pool.
After the usual gathering and disembarkment from Andrew Chapel, the troop arrived at Sandy Springs for orientation.  Two groups were prepped on the rules of the Park and equipment instruction.  After putting on the gear and a quick mini course, scouts were unleashed to a series of courses ranging in color from easy peasy purple to double black diamond.   The scouts had free reign of the park until about 1pm, stopping only to eat lunch.    The ropes courses all contained a variety of elements including zip lines, ladders, challenging crossings of wood, rope and wires and self arresting belays for the exit.    The scouts and scouters had a great time being pushed to their limits with many finding unique ways to cross between platforms if they fell off the element mid-way.
After a day of climbing, all the patrols gathered the patrol boxes and personal gear and headed to two campsites.   With three patrols per site, there was plenty of activity.   Tents sprung from the ground all over the place as well as camp chairs.   One site spent the rest of the day before dinner sitting around and talking about who knows what whilst the other site, with a lot of first year scouts, being a bit louder.   The scouters all commented it was great to see the scouts bonding and hanging out.    In addition some took really long naps.
With the weather being cooperative, the ASM’s decided it was time to start the fire early, at 3pm.   With an unlimited supply of wood, there was no reason not too.   It was a great decision because as the temperatures dropped, through dinner and after, the fire was providing plenty of heat to keep everyone warm, as long as you had open access to the large fire pit.  Dinner was served between an early bird blue plate special time of 430p to a final meal about 630p.    Afterwards there was a lot of discussion about the in’s and out’s of Philmont and what gear to bring.   The main take away was don’t bring gear you’ve never used before.
Scouts started hitting the sack anywhere from 9pm to 11pm.   About 4am, a heavy rainstorm arrived, pelting the tents for about 15-20 mins followed by 90 minutes of strong wind and even stronger gusts.   About 630am, one of the sites started rousing and built a morning fire.   By 8am, the campsite was brimming with activity as breakfast was being cooked and tents were being taken down.   The sun peaked over the tree tops to take the chill off but clouds returned and the chill returned.  Unfortunately the temperatures did not drop below 32F, so no snow flake awards were earned.   Overall the return to Sandy Springs was a rousing success with many scouts sharing their stories of falling off the course.

2018 Rechartering

Dear Troop 1128 families;

It is time for us to re-register our troop with the national BSA organization and our local council. This process is called rechartering.

Every scout and adult registered with the Troop must re-register with the Troop as part of rechartering. Attached is a letter providing rechartering information including the fees and form required as well as a letter regarding adult Youth Protection Training and the Troop being active requirement.  In a separate email, I will send the medical forms and information required as part of rechartering.

Please see myself or Mike Bell at the registration desk if you have any questions or to drop off any of the forms or fees.

Gus Vazquez
Troop 1128 Committee Chair







As part of rechartering, we require updated medical forms for all scouts and adults attending camp outs. The attached Medical ReChartering Information 2018 document provides the information about the medical forms. We have also attached the BSA and Troop 1128 medical forms. These are also available via links on the Troop website.

If you have questions feel free to contact Troop 1128 Medical Records Coordinators (Joanne Adelberg, Roseann Alvarez, Tim Adelberg)



Medical ReChartering Information 2018.docx
Final Troop 1128 Med. Authorization Forms 2018.docx


Oct 2017 Dolly Sods Backpacking

Dolly Sods Wilderness, WV
October 7-9, 2017


Oct 2017 Dolly Sod Fall Backpacking Report

Dolly Sod Wilderness Area, WV
Oct 07 – 09, 2017


This is the second time that the Troop is going to Dolly Sod in the Fall as their annual 3-day 2-night backpacking trip. There were 42 people going to this trip: 32 Scouts and 10 adults in 4 patrols (2 were combined patrols). We all arrived at Andrew Chapel around 6:30 am and leaving to the Bear Rocks Trail Head at 7:00 am sharp.

Arctic Wolves/Bobwhite Patrol will start at the Bear Rocks Trail Head while the rest will start at the Red Creek Campground Trail Head.  We observe the wilderness rule of 10 or so people so we staggered our start time so we are not on top of each other. The 3 patrols were given different route to follow so eventually we were split and each patrol was going its own merry way to the Saturday camp site.

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