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2017 Goshen Summer Camp Report

Goshen Scout Reservation – Camp Bowman
340 Millard Burke Memorial Hwy, Goshen, VA 24439
July 8-15, 2017


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Troop 1128 spent its annual Boy Scout summer camp again at Goshen Scout Reservation in southwest Virginia during the week of 8 – 15 July 2017. “Again” is the pertinent word as Troop 1128 has been attending Scout camp at Goshen since at least 1971. In this 50th anniversary of the establishment of Goshen in 1967, it is appropriate to review our experience this year.

The Troop sent 64 Scouts including all 15 new Scouts to Goshen this year. We set up camp at Camp Bowman as we normally do. This was the second year that we have set up at sites 3 and 8. Of the 12 scout troops at Bowman this year, Troop 1128 Scouts represented 20% of all Scouts. Our Scouts were busy from the start. They qualified for a total of 20 rank advancements: 3 Scouts earned the Scout rank, 9 earned Tenderfoot, 4 earned Second Class, 1 earned First Class, 4 earned Star, and 2 Scouts earned Life rank. In addition, Troop 1128 Scouts earned 32 different types of merit badges for a total of 165 individual badges. Merit badges earned were in such areas as water sports, shotgun shooting, archery, fishing, pioneering, swimming, and wilderness survival. Scouts earning the Communication merit badge conducted a flag retirement ceremony on Thursday night. In customary fashion, they disposed of a flag by burning it in our campfire. Mr. Paul Parker donated the flag which belonged to his grandfather. Overall, the Scouts had plenty of opportunities to lead, learn, and most of all have fun.

The adults attending reflect the commitment of the Troop’s adult leaders. Fifteen attended with most taking one week of their vacation time to provide guidance and support to our Scouts. The 50 years of Goshen run concurrent with the deep experience and commitment our adults bring to the Troop. Mr. Paul Parker attended the inaugural year of Goshen as a Scout in 1967. Mr. Jeff Wilson went to Goshen as a Troop 1128 Scout in 1971. We are researching to find if the Troop attended Goshen earlier than that year. Finally, Scoutmaster Mr. Bob Leggett received a Goshen 50th anniversary display presented to him by the National Capital Area Council in appreciation for his many years of support to the scout camp.


Link for the New Scout Flag Ceremony (leaving the troop website, due to its size)


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