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Nov 2019 Sandy Spring Rope Course

16701 Norwood Rd, Sandy Spring, MD

Nov 16-17, 2019

This November, the Troop travelled again to Sandy Springs for fun on the ropes course and a patrol cooking competition. After a quick arrival and some fun playing volleyball, the scouts listened to a safety briefing explaining the safety equipment, elements they would face on their climbs, and the set up and rules of the courses. Many scouts completed the difficult
blue, black, and double black courses, utilising agility, strength, and when too difficult, their zipline attachment. Although in mid 40 temperatures, the Troop climbed through midday and into the afternoon. Scoutmaster Englund took fantastic pictures to document the Troops experience on the courses.

Once finished, scouts mobilized quickly to transport their patrol boxes and personal gear to the campsites, setting up tents, and beginning to cook their masterpieces for the judges reviews. With the light quickly fading, patrols worked to make fires, prep their dutch ovens, and cook. The Zeus were first to eat, having nachos with cheese, beans, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, guac, and onions. However, it was the Bob Whites and Bisons who tied to win the cooking competition and come away with a Goshen point each. Overnight, it dropped into freezing temperatures, earning scouts either their Polar Bear awards or a Snowflake patch. In he morning, scouts packed up their tents, executed police lines, and exited the campsites to the cars. Before leaving, the scouts had a throw together game of volleyball. SPL Simon Kassis did roll call and everyone piled into cars. Everyone returned to the church on time, and nobody sustained any injuries throughout the course of the trip.

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