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Jan 2020 Ski Trip

Seven Springs Resort, PA

Jan 24-26, 2020

In January, the Troop had it’s annual Ski Trip. However, this year, instead of spending Saturday skiing and Sunday snow tubing, the adults were able to organize two days skiing. The Troop left timely on Friday night, with two full vans and many other cars. After a roughly three hour car ride, the Troop arrived at the cabin and settled into rooms. SPL Simon briefed the Troop on the plan for the slopes and then Scouts relaxed, playing ping pong and cards.

In the morning, the Troop woke up early and made it over for breakfast. After a hearty meal, everyone drove to the slopes and got their rental gear. Upon getting onto the slopes, Scouts quickly realized there wasn’t much snow and that it was quite warm outside. Even so, everyone had a great time and, after stopping for lunch, got back out again until the planned meeting time. Then, Scouts piled back into cars and returned to the cabin until dinner. After dinner, Scouts returned to the cabin to do as they wished. Some played cards, others played video games, and some played ping pong. Simon debriefed the Troop on a successful day of skiing and representing the Troop well.

The next morning, Simon hurried everyone to pack up all of their gear and make their way downstairs. Gear got packed into cars and the Troop ate breakfast before returning to the slopes and skiing and snowboarding for the rest of the day. Luckily, the weather improved and more snow was on the ground. The adults drove through the evening while most of the Scouts slept in their cars, returning right on time.

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