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Jul 2018 Wind River Backpacking


  • Depart: Tuesday, 17-July
  • Return: Tuesday, 31-July


Nights Camped:

  • 1n – Flaming Gorge Recreation Area, Firehole Canyon Campground
  • 2n – Yellowstone National Park, Bay Bridge Campground
  • 3n – Grand Teton National Park, Coulter Bay Campground
  • 7n – Wind River Range
    • Green River Lakes
    • Beaver Camp
    • Summit Lake
    • Upper Jean Lake
    • Upper Jean Lake
    • No-Name Lakes
    • New Fork Park


Miles Hiked + Rafted: 75 miles hiked + 7.5 mi rafted

  • Jenny Lake – 5
  • Granite Canyon – 14
  • Snake River (Raft) – 7.5 mi
  • Beaver Camp – 11
  • Summit Lake – 9
  • Upper Jean Lake – 7
  • Upper Jean to Island Lake return – 11
  • No-Name Lakes – 9
  • New Fork Park – 8



  • “Fremont Award” (we may propose a new troop award): 5 nights above 10,000 ft. 2 of those nights were above 11,000
  • Polar Bear Award: 3 snowflakes for nights below freezing
  • Wildlife: Bull moose, black bear (sow + 2 cubs), bison in the hundreds (Hayden herd), a bull bison literally in our tent site, a few mule dear, 3 massive bull elk in our campground, rabbits, plus countless unidentified birds/bugs/etc.
  • Swam in glacier fed lakes and streams.
  • Ate great food at restaurants in the national park for dinners.
  • Made snowballs at 11,000.
  • Climbed up and slid down snow banks in shorts & t-shirts, while hiking alongside spectacular fields of wildflowers.
  • Broke camp on final morning at 0530, hiking with headlamps
  • Masterful trading by the scouts regarding food and crew gear
  • Hung bearbags off cliffs
  • Saw the six peaks Elijah’s uncle climbed at Teton NP
  • Watched geysers explode
  • Deserted Mr.Baker for a day because of his WEAK legs
  • Played in aquatics center
  • 2 mosquitoes all trip… Regardless, Elijah wore his headnet
  • 3 lost sunglasses – by the same person…
  • 1 broken bowl
  • 1 frisbee lost to a tree


Overall, the great activities, and fun atmosphere coupled with the amazing scenery made all parts of the trip amazing. Even the driving (well, in Mr.Hindleys car at least.) Through cold nights, windy days, hail-y dinners, and long car rides, the Alt Philmont Crew had an incredible trip.


Alt-Philmont Crew: Elijah, Kendall, Joey, Andrew, Joshua, Gabe, ASM Baker, ASM Hindley, ASM Parker, and ASM Macesich


2018 High Adventure 201

Jul 29 – Aug 2, 2017


The 1128 High Adventure Crew left Andrew Chapel at 6:45 AM heading to Adventures on the
Gorge, in Fayetteville, WV. After a 5.5 hour drive and a few issues navigating through very rural
areas with little or no cellular service, we arrived at and had a really good lunch at the restaurant
at the Gorge.



Jul 2018 Goshen Report

340 Millard Burke Memorial Hwy, Goshen, VA 24439
July 7-14, 2018




The Troop attended Camp Bowman this summer with 64 scouts and 13 adults. Camp Bowman is one of five scout camps at Goshen Scout Reservation and one of the few scout camps left in the United States that still allows patrol cooking. The scouts cooked every meal themselves for the entire week. The Troop was led by Senior Patrol Leader Ryan and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Augie. The Patrol Leaders were:
Arctic Wolves – Brian
Bison – Bobby
Bobwhite – Eric
Sharks – Ishan
Vikings – Kyle
Zues – Michael

Other Troop Leaders included:
Troop Guide – Patrick
Troop Guide – Joshua
Troop Guide – Simon
Troop Quartermaster – Colin

Troop 1128 normally returns to site 3 & 8 every year. This year, in honor of Mr. Leggett retiring as the Troop Scoutmaster and his dedication to bringing Troop 1128 to Camp Bowman every year, Goshen Scout Reservation allowed our Troop to dedicate and rename one of our regular campsites Camp Leggett. Star Scout Eric served as master of ceremonies for the event.

The Troop provides advancement training every year for new scouts to attain rank of Tenderfoot and possibly Second Class and for second year scouts to earn the rank of First Class. In years past this training was primarily conducted by the adult leaders. A shift occurred this year with Star and Life Scouts stepping up and providing a significant portion of the training for our New Scout Program.

Our swimmers showed their stuff this year. Normally Troop 1128 has a contingent of swimmers that return home midweek for one evening to participate in a swim meet. Since that did not happen this year we had six scouts participate and earn the mile swim badge. Ryan, Max, Eric, Nick, Chris, and Charlie all completed three practice swims and the final mile swim. Our Troop represented about a third of the scouts at Camp Bowman that week and we represented six out of eight scouts total that earned the Mile Swim Badge!

Troop 1128 built a giant chess board as a service project for Camp Bowman this year. This was a large project made successful with the planning, supervision and skill of two dedicated assistant scoutmasters. ASM Hertzler and ASM Jackman put in countless hours on the project and kept many scouts engaged as they had free time between training and merit badges. The final project will remain a distinct part of Camp Bowman for years to come.

Overall, we had a successful, safe, healthy, relatively incident free summer camp. Troop 1128 represented itself in the best light with the high participation in the mile swim, the extensive service project, and the good behavior in camp. The scouts earned a total of 180 merit badges and 28 rank advancements.

Adult Leaders: SM Englund, ASM Anderson, ASM DaBaldo, ASM Edgerly, ASM Enos, ASM Gearhart, ASM Hartman, Mr Hertzler, Mr Hollis, Mr Jackman, TCM Marschoun, TCM McMenamin, ASM Shivnen, TCM Sugianto


Jun 2018 Father’s Day Campout

Burke Lake, VA
Jun 16-17, 2018


The 2018 Father’s Day camp out was competition-themed, filled with fun, fellowship, and football.

Cooking competition. Football. Desserts in Dutch ovens. Frisbee. Fishing. Cards. Lunch by Burke Lake. These are a handful of the memories from the Father’s Day campout. We saw tenured scout and new scouts, weathered ASMs and newly minted ones (The Litts – Welcome!). All had brighter smiles on their faces after this trip.

Whether learning how to cook in a Dutch oven, hook a fish, or clean the Troop 1128 way, there were many glimpses into deepening camaraderie and fellowship.

Scouts retook the Troop Cup after the adults failed to show in the 2nd half. No major injuries, but several bruised egos resulted. Congrats, Scouts!

Weather was beautiful at 76 degrees with clear skies. It sure would be great to have that each trip.

A special thank you goes to all the scouts and scouters who made this event possible, most notably Ryan D, Ian, and all the planners, drivers, and ASMs that helped keep the event safe and fun for our scouts.

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