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Goshen Summer Camp


Goshen Scout Reservation

Goshen Scout Reservation, a fully accredited camp, is the home of three resident Boy Scout camps, two resident Webelos camps, and the Lenhok’sin High Adventure Base, all centrally located around beautiful, 450 acre, Lake Merriweather. Each summer, Goshen Scout Reservation welcomes thousands of Webelos Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, and adult leaders. In continuous operation since 1967, Goshen Scout Reservation provides the premier summer camp experience in our area.


Troop 1128 will stay at Camp Bowman

Camp Bowman offers camping for 400 and includes a chapel, handicraft area, extensive archery, rifle and shotgun areas, parade field, aquatics, shower house, and direct access to hiking trails. Camp Bowman is our Patrol Cooking Camp and can help your Scouts apply their skills whether they are brand new or in their late teens. There are lots of lessons (teamwork, cooking, cleaning, etc.) to be learned through Patrol Cooking that cannot be learned in a dining hall. Ask your friendly Camp Director if you have questions.


What Parents and Scouts of Troop 1128 Need to Know


Parent Actions:

  • Pay for camp before the costs go up! See Goshen 2018 Announcement below.
  • Get your scout a complete physical Part A, B, and C along with the Health Advisory Form (See Medical Information links below)
  • Review the merit badge prerequisites and additional costs for merit badges with your scout.

Scout Actions:

  • Sign up for Goshen during troop meetings
  • Sign up for merit badges and review the prerequisites
  • Review your unfinished merit badges from previous years Goshen merit badge classes and make a plan to finish them this year
  • 14 years old and above AND Star Rank and above, sign up to teach classes to younger scouts in the afternoon.



Program, Costs, and Packing Lists



Medical Information for Goshen 2018

Dear Troop 1128 Parents,

Along with the 2018 re-chartering forms, medical forms for 2018 are also due for all scouts. This applies even if your son recently joined the troop and you filled out 2017 forms. If you delivered Forms A,B, and Authorization for Medication after January 1, 2018, you will not need to fill the forms out again this calendar year. We will need a current physical for camp because this trip is greater than the 72 hour time limit. Unlike Form A,B and authorization for medications that expire at the end of the calendar year, Forms C expires 1 year of the date of the physical.

The forms are the same as last year’s forms with a slightly different Scout Camp Risk Advisory Form. The new form only requires the parent needs to fill out and does not require a physician’s signature. Form C, which is the standard physical form, will need to filled out by the physician at the time of his annual physical.

The following medical forms are required:

  1. Authorization to Monitor Medications

BSA-Medical-Form-wNCAC-Advisory for

  1. Part A (1 page)
  2. Part B (2 pages)
  3. Part C (physical)
  4. NCAC Scout Camp Risk Advisory Form
  1. A copy (front side and back side) of your health insurance card


At this time we require that you provide items 1-3 as soon as possible. Items 4 and 5, Part C (the physical exam) and the Scout Camp Risk Advisory Form are due prior to the Goshen summer camp, although we will gladly accept the form whenever the physical exam is performed. Please keep in mind that sometimes it can take a few weeks to schedule a physical, so you may wish to schedule your appointment soon. Please remember to bring Form C with you to the appointment.

The forms are available at the links above. You can either send your scout’s forms electronically or bring a hard copy to the meeting. Note that we also require health forms for any adult who attends an overnight outing. For adults, item 1, Authorization to Monitor Medications is not required.

If you have questions feel free to contact Troop 1128 Medical Records Coordinators.,,



More information could be found at

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