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Feb 2018 US Naval Academy Trip

Annapolis, Maryland
February 24-25, 2018



Troop 1128 toured the United States Naval Academy on Saturday, February 24th. Thirty-nine Scouts and ten adult Scouters spent the day at the Academy learning about its history, traditions, and importance to our country. The Troop was fortunate to have Major Mitchell Rubinstein, Midshipman Samuel Winegar, and Midshipman Thomas Dias serve as guides during the trip. All three did a fantastic job in describing various aspects of the Academy’s mission, history, building architecture and the “life of a Midshipman,” as a member of the Brigade, which was informative and very entertaining. The Troop was also fortunate to have its Scoutmaster Mr. Robert Leggett with them on the trip. Scoutmaster Leggett had been an instructor at the Academy for six years. The Scouts and Scouters were very impressed by the institution and grateful for the time and attention granted to them.

The Troop enjoyed lunch in a reserved section of Dahlgren Hall. Afterwards the troop attended the Navy vs. Loyola basketball game. A couple of the Scouts participated in the timeout contests on the court and almost all the Scouts were thrown miniature Navy promotional basketballs. The Scouts had a great time interacting with the Navy Goat mascot “Bill” when he visited the section. On top of that, Navy had a great come-from-behind victory!

In addition to learning about the daily workings of the Academy from the perspective of a Midshipman, the Scouts also saw the Chapel crypt where the body of John Paul Jones is laid to rest. The visit to Memorial Hall with its plaques displaying the names of Academy graduates who have given their lives in service to their country served as a reminder that freedom is not free. The trip was a memorable and meaningful experience for all, and the Troop greatly appreciated the special attention.


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