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2023 POPCORN Fundraising

BSA Popcorn

8/7/2023 – 12/28/2023

2023 Popcorn Order Form

Dear Troop Members,

We’re excited to announce the commencement of our Annual Popcorn Fundraising Drive, and we’d like to bring your attention to the following crucial information:

Why Are Popcorn Sales So Vital for Our Troop?

Popcorn sales play a pivotal role in enabling our scouts to fully participate in our troop’s enriching programs. These funds contribute towards financing activities such as:

  • Camping Trips, Hikes, and Goshen
  • High Adventure Trips
  • Troop Camping Gear and Equipment

Without the proceeds from our scouts’ popcorn sales, these activities would demand significantly higher financial contributions. In some cases, families might even struggle to afford participation.

We Need Everyone’s Assistance!

Let’s delve into the “HOW” of this season’s fundraising efforts.

Last year, thanks to our incredible scouts and families, our troop successfully sold $25,849 worth of popcorn and received generous donations. Our troop earned a commission of 33% for storefront and wagon sales, and 30% for online sales.

This year, we’re aiming even higher, hoping to surpass our target of $35,000 in sales.

Each patrol will establish a “Popcorn Goal” that will be tracked in comparison to other patrols. We’ll display tracking charts once again to motivate each scout’s participation in the popcorn sale.

Every scout’s target is to sell a minimum of $250 worth of popcorn. If they intend to take part in the High Adventure Trip, their goal is $350. There are various ways to sell popcorn:

  1. The traditional “Take Order” (door-to-door) approach
  2. “Show and Sell” (table sales) activities
  3. Online selling opportunities (more details below)
  4. “Show and Deliver” (product to doorstep) efforts, where scouts will “check out” products and deliver them around the neighborhood

For on-line sales, below are some useful resources to make this as easy as possible for Scouts:

Additional incentives besides Amazon Gift cards from Trails End:

  • Scouts who achieve the highest sales at storefront or wagon each week will receive $10 gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, or Buster Ice Cream.
  • Any scout who achieves sales of at least $4,000 will earn a free Summer Camp experience @Goshen (July 2024)

We greatly appreciate your dedication to our troop and this fundraising effort. Together, we can make this year’s Popcorn Fundraising Drive a resounding success!

Other useful information

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