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2019 Goshen Summer Camp

340 Millard Burke Memorial Hwy, Goshen, VA 24439
July 7-13, 2019

This 2019, Troop 1128 returned to Goshen’s Camp Bowman in full force. We brought 69 scouts in seven patrols; Bison, Shark, Bobwhite, Viking, Arctic Wolves, Zeus, and, the latest addition to the sister Troop, Amazons. The scouts were also accompanied by 18 ASMs. With the help and leadership of SPL Elijah, ASPL Joey, and SPL for the sister troop Dani, Goshen 2019 was organized and run very well.

As in years past, Troop 1128 took sites 8 and newly renamed site 3 (Camp Leggett). However, we made an addition to our usual sites a new site to accomodate for the Amazons joining the sister troop. Site 8 had the Bison, Bobwhite, Shark, and Viking patrols while Camp Leggett had the Zeus, Arctic Wolves, and Adult campsites.

Our service project for Goshen this year was to improve the path that leads from Camp Bowman to the main road that leads to the big trading post. We had to clear the path that was totally overgrown and create a makeshift bridge over a marshy part of the path. The service project was run by Micheal with help from Eric and Andrew. and went well. In total, we had the scouts contribute 61 total hours of service.

The Troop also continued the new scout program that is done every year. This year we had most of our new scouts advance. The new scouts go down to Camp Leggett every day during Siesta and are taught different skills that are required to advance through the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. Some skills that are taught are first aid, knot tying, lashings, and cooking. Since Camp Bowman does patrol cooking, that last skill is easy for the new scouts to learn and perform. A lot of these scout skills are taught by the older scouts while some of them are taught by ASMs.

This year, the troop wanted to have more people participate in the mile swim. In 2018 Goshen, there were six scouts from 1128 that finished the mile swim. Our goal was to get at least 10 scouts to finish the mile swim in 2019. We smashed that goal with a total of 12 scouts and 1 ASM (shoutout to Mr. Fitzmaurice) completing the mile swim this year. Troop 1128 represented a big chunk of all the scouts that did the mile swim in all of Camp Bowman. The scouts that completed it were: Danielle, Elizabeth, Marie, Michael, Eric, Andrew, James, Kevin, Ryan, Charlie, Elijah, and Trevor. Hopefully next year we can get even more scoust to participate in the mile swim!

Overall, Goshen this year was a major success and we can’t wait for next year!

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